is a punk band from boston, ma

download demo for free here

(it might not work if downloading on your phone. yr gonna have to deal with it for now)

if you want to give us money for it, you can do so here

contact us here // we (probably) wanna play your all ages and/or gay gig

tapes are available for $5 at shows and $8 shipped. send us an email if you want one

you can view some pictures omari spears took of us at our first show in september 2018 here and with special bass baby ty in april 2019 here

"run it" dave brushback took some photographs of us at the democracy center in august 2019 here

upcoming shows
all shows all ages/sliding scale donation based unless otherwise noted

13. 11/17/19 @ townsend house in mission hill, ma (email/ask irl for address) w/ Aquashade (ny/"members of bikini kill") // tba

past shows

12. 9/27/19 @ cambridge community center in cambridge, ma w/ Pain Chain // Seed // Kind! // Mandy (NY) // Lepra (ME) // Soundaltar (FL) // non- // Hagazussa (OR) // Rainbow Crimes (PA) // E.T. (IL) // Pandemix (sheer queer fest 2019)
flyer // more info here

11. 8/23/19 @ the Democracy center in cambridge, ma w/ dump him // lydia deetz // binmen
flyer // more info here

10. 8/16/19 @ AL DIOS NO CONOCIDO in providence, ri (email/ask irl for address) w/ woof (nola) // PALOMINA
flyer // more info here

9. 7/14/19 @ greek american social club in somerville, ma w/ bruised (chi) // sap (last ma show) // funeral cone
flyer // more info here

8. 6/27/19 @ the snake pit in allston, ma (email/ask irl for address) w/ bustie (ca) // SINNELOSCHEN (first show) // feminine aggression
flyer // more info here

7. 6/8/19 @ the democracy center in cambridge, ma w/ shin guard (pgh) // for your health (oh) // dump him // Razorwire Bouquet
flyer // more info here

6. 5/30/19 @ greek american social club in somerville, ma w/ witches with dicks // notches (nh) // distants (chi)
flyer // more info here

5. 5/13/19 @ Flywheel in Easthampton, MA w/ Hirs (pa) // coherence (ca) // your heart breaks (sea, solo) // nana grizol (ga, solo) // loamlands (nc, solo) // escuela grind
flyer // more info here // video

4. 4/19/19 @ greek american social club in somerville, ma with kissies (nj) // non-
flyer // more info here

3. 4/14/19 @ Sun tiki studios in Portland, ME with Pandemix (pgh/boston) // Lepra // the asthmatic
flyer // more info here

2. 2/22/19 @ the Democracy Center in Cambridge, MA w/ Tossed Aside (NH) // Bustdown (MD) // Lepra (me) // Death Defier
flyer // more info here

1. 9/21/18 @ hardcore stadium in cambridge, MA w/ Isabella Amarga // Perennial (CT) // Mar (RI) // Gudsforladt (sheer queer fest 2018)